Adult Swim’s ‘Assy McGee’ Lands Scion As Exclusive Sponsor

Toyota’s Scion will serve as the exclusive second-season sponsor for Adult Swim’s Assy McGee, in a campaign that will feature a custom “mock commercial” integrated into the middle of each show episode all for the entire season.

Season two of Assy McGee premieres on Adult Swim on Sunday, April 6 at 12:30 a.m. ET.

Assy McGee, an animated series from executive producers Carl Adams of Clambake Animation and Matt Harrigan, tells the story of a hardboiled cop with a bad attitude and an itchy trigger finger.  Assy is reckless, violent and has been known to break the law—or shoot someone—to keep the investigation going.  But he also is a great cop, able to get his man one way or another. Working alongside Assy is his partner Det. Don Sanchez, while The Chief always seems to be on Assy’s case.

The first act of each episode opens to Assy discovering a crime and figuring things out “before it’s too late.” 

Following the first half of each episode, Adult Swim will feature the Scion animated “mock commercial” starring Assy McGee. Running about 35 seconds in length, the ad is set at a car dealership where Assy offers viewers low, low prices for the Scion xB. Following this hilarious take on a standard car dealership advertisement, viewers will return to the scene of the crime to watch Assy resolve the drama and solve the crime, or in many cases, take matters into his own hands to reach a conclusion.

Adult Swim and Scion have partnered in the past on creative marketing promotions, notably in 2006 for the original series Frisky Dingo when the Scion tC sports coupe was drawn directly into an episode of the show. Zenith Media facilitated both unique custom opportunities between Scion and Adult Swim.

In addition to the custom on-air integration, Scion will also extend their presence within Assy McGee with tune-ins running each week on Adult Swim.