Adobe Extends Security To More Devices & Screens

Adobe said  the digital rights management system tied to Adobe Primetime, its TV delivery and monetization platform for programmers and pay-TV service providers, is now offered across apps on connected devices, including set top boxes and on major Web browsers via HTML5.

Adobe also said it has become the first DRM vendor to work with Intel, Broadcom and AMD to enable hardware-based DRM that protects premium HD and 4K content across tablets, smartphones and desktops.

Kelash Kumar, group product manager for Adobe Primetime, said the chip-level DRM integration will also enable the platform to provide the security necessary to support early-window content.

The company also said Netflix is the latest company to join over 100 major content providers worldwide that use Adobe’s content protection solution, a group that also includes BBC Broadcasting, Comcast, HBO, Hulu, M6 France, NBC, Time Warner, Turner Broadcasting, Walmart-owned VUDU, Yahoo, Youku, and Tudou.

Adobe also pointed out that Adobe Primetime DRM is a “core component” of the Reference Design Kit (RDK), the preintegrated software stack for IP-connected video devices being managed by Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Liberty Global. Kumar said Broadcom is the first RDK chip supplier to build in Adobe Primetime DRM for IP-based video services and apps, and with others already in the pipeline to do the same.