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ACT Takes Stand for TVFreedom

American Community Television, which has been battling cable ops over PEG channel placement, has joined broadcasters in battling them over retrans reforms. said Tuesday that ACT had become a member of the coalition, which includes network affiliate associations, the National Association of Broadcasters and others pushing back against calls for retrans reforms.

"Local broadcast TV stations and PEG channels often work together to deliver vital public service, educational and religious programming to viewers in their communities and cannot be replicated by pay-TV or broadband service providers," said ACT executive director Bunnie Riedel.

Broadcasters are fighting cable efforts to include a prohibition on basic-tier status for retrans stations in must-pass satellite television legislation.

For its part, ACT is pushing a bill that would preserve PEG access on cable basic tiers and expanded use of PEG funding for ongoing operations. TVFreedom says it supports that legislation.