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ACA Met With Comcast Over Merger

The American Cable Association has had meetings with Comcast over its proposed merger with NBC Universal, most recently in February in Philadelphia, where the company is based.

That is according to American Cable Association President Matt Polka at a meeting with reporters during the association's D.C. policy summit. ACA represents small and medium-sized operators.

The association Monday reemphasized that it would seek "appropriate conditions" on the Comcast/NBCU merger. "Over the next year, ACA will play a leadership role in the fight for fairness and appropriate conditions on the Comcast-NBCU merger," said ACA Chairman Steve Friedman in a statement.

Polka said ACA has talked with Comcast a number of times over the years, including when they purchased AT&T." He said "nothing has come of it."

"We met with Comcast in February after the first set of hearings [on the merger]," said Colleen Abdoullah, CEO of WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone, who was a witness at those hearings. "It was cordial and really about both sides reinforcing needs and wants and concerns. Nothing was decided; nothing was promised."

She said it ended on a cordial tone of keeping communications open, though there has been no formal meeting since then.

Polka said ACA has also met with FCC and Justice staffers to "insure that they are aware of their views."