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ACA: It's Clear Analog-Only Systems Can't Retransmit TV Stations In HD

The American Cable Association has told the FCC
it needs to clarify that an analog-only cable system is not required to carry a
broadcaster's HD signal in HD because, well, it can't.

a filing with the FCC, ACA was responding to questions from Media Bureau staff
about whether it is necessary to have an exemption for analog-only systems. ACA
says no, and that the commission should make it clear that in its
reauthorization of the HD carriage exemption for smaller cable systems that
analog-only systems are permanently excluded.

is pushing the FCC to reauthorize the small system exemption for another three
years, which the FCC is widely expected to do.

operators are required to carry broadcast HD signals without "materially
degradation," but can waive the requirement for hardship or technical
infeasibility, as it has for smaller systems.