WTSP's Pokémon Go Bit Makes Its Way Around The World

In a week when local TV is steeped in covering tough topics like elections and police brutality – the latter leading to several reporters’ arrests – the one industry story that has really hit the big time is a Florida anchor interrupting a weather report trying to catch Pokémon.

Since Monday, the clip of Allison Kropff, an anchor at Tegna CBS affiliate WTSP Tampa, “accidentally” walking through Bobby Deskins' forecast while playing Pokémon GO has gained traction around the world, with media from the Middle East and Australia to the U.K. playing it up.

The bit certainly shows WTSP’s smarts in capitalizing on the Pokémon GO frenzy, the game that has players wandering in real life all over creation searching for the animated characters.

Or, perhaps, people far and wide are just in the mood for little something fun.