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Wrong Number for WPBF

The folks at WPBF Palm Beach (FLA) can’t be too happy about the latest edition of the local phone book, which got the station’s phone number wrong, according to the WPBF Website. Instead of reaching the station, callers get the home healthcare agency Matrix Home Care, run by the increasingly beleaguered Janice Williams. 

Williams, who says she’s pretty tired of people calling for a "Mr. Food recipe," was frustrated enough to leave a new message on her machine: "You have reached Janice Williams, not the television station. If you’re looking for the news station, I do not have an alternative number." 

Further indicating that perhaps the phone book editors should lay off the methamphetamine, the book also got WPBF’s address wrong, says The published address brings one to the Palm Beach County Emergency Operations Center.  

On the bright side, the next phone book comes out in September 2008.