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WRAL Brings the Beach to the Station

While most everyone near the coasts is ducking out to the beach this week, WRAL brought a bit of the beach to the station in Raleigh.

Six months after the Capitol Broadcasting station debuted its Ice Desk (remember winter?), it now has a Sand Desk.

The thing is a legitimate work of art. "It's kind of like making homemade biscuits," says sculptor Ed Moore. "You need the right amount of moisture."

Check out the video showing how it was constructed.

Writes WRAL:

The desk features two, three-foot pelicans, a “Peli-prompter,” wooden texture, waves, dolphins and a hidden shark. The desk was constructed using six tons of special sand and water. The packing part of the build, moving the sand into pre-built boxes and packing it down with water, took three men five hours.

Once the sand was packed, the boxes were removed and the carving of the sculpture took two men 18 hours over two days. The final product is totally made of sand, took 50 man-hours to make and measures about eight feet wide, three feet deep and 42 inches high. It’s expected to last up to a month.

The desk even has its own hashtag: #WRALSandDesk.