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WNYW New York: Come On, Mr. Mayor

Is New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio ducking the local Fox affiliate, WNYW? Lew Leone, VP and general manager, thinks that may be the case.

According to Capital NY, de Blasio made a half dozen appearances on Good Day New York during his four years as a public advocate of New York City, but despite being asked on Good Day "over a hundred times," says Leone, Mayor de Blasio has not visited Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto since taking over as mayor last year. (Kelly, it's worth noting, is the son of former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, who has been heavily critized by the mayor, while the police have clashed mightily with de Blasio.)

De Blasio's TV interviews are mostly on national programs. But Capital NY notes that the mayor appeared on market leader WABC last year.

“Since we’ve asked so many times, it feels like a calculated boycott," Leone told Capital.

Leone, in his on air editorials, "Lew's View", has been critical of de Blasio. Near the end of 2014, Leone said, "His lack of experience and lackadaisical attitude led to a series of missteps and embarrassing blunders."

Previously in 2014, Leone had criticized de Blasio for his public tardiness, which drew a rebuke from former mayor Rudy Giuliani. Leone apologized on air for his choice of words—and used the occasion to invite de Blasio on Good Day New York. He concluded, "So with that said, Mr. Mayor you have an open invitation to sit down with Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto, shall we say, anytime between 7 and 10 a.m."

The mayor presumably passed.