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WNCN Reporter Arrested for Peeping

WNCN Raleigh reporter Eric Watson was arrested on suspicion of spying on a woman in the shower, reports the News & Observer, and using the station news truck to get to the woman’s house. The paper says:

Capt. Ann Stephens of the Apex Police Department told NBC17 that a witness contacted police Thursday and reported that a vehicle with graphics on it was parked at the end of Woodbriar Road in the neighborhood about 6 a.m. Thursday. Police would not say whether the vehicle carried logos from NBC17.

The same witness told police that a man walked to a home in the subdivision, climbed onto an air-conditioner unit and looked into a rectangular window that looked into a bathroom shower. Police said a woman was taking a shower at that time at the home.

A WNCN spokesperson said Watson has been suspended pending an internal investigation; Watson says he’s "100% innocent."