WNBC New York Recoups $1 Million for Consumers

In the three years since launching its consumer investigative unit, NBC’s New York O&O WNBC has retrieved more than $1 million for all those folks out there who have been wronged. 

Toss in the money that WNJU, the company’s New York Telemundo station, has recovered for its viewers, and the number rises to $2.5 million, the company said

The consumer investigative franchises – WNBC’s “Better Get Baquero” and WNJU’s “Telemundo 47 Responde” – have recouped cash in relatively small increments that consumers lost to money losers like erroneous medical bills, unscrupulous ticket resellers and flawed household appliances. It adds up, however, through the team's commitment to answering every call it receives, NBC said.