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WKRN Debate Continues

There’s a lively discussion on about the future of the site, which WKRN Nashville launched to reach out to the blog community in the Music City. For a little back story, it was the brainchild of former station G.M. Mike Sechrist, who left the station a few months back. WKRN’s ambitious digital plans–and subsequent exodus of its key digital architects–is in the new issue of B&C. 

As I was reporting that story, multiple sources close to the situation predicted the demise of NashvilleisTalking. 

New G.M. Gwen Kinsey says NiT will live on, with news on that front coming in the next few weeks:

"We are close to finalizing a working solution that will take NIT to a next step. We like the idea of helping the community grow by deploying innovative tools that expand the ability to express ideas and share experience."