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WFAA Reporter Shakes President's Cool

It’s rare to see President Obama ever appear to be anything but composed, in charge, and in anticipation of his interviewer’s next question. But he looked out of whack while sitting for an interview with WFAA Dallas reporter Bret Brad Watson earlier this week.

The president looks like he’d been up all night with a screaming newborn, or is wondering if he left the lights on in his car. (Of course presidents don’t leave the lights on in their car, much less drive. It’s just a metaphor.)

When the interview in the White House’s Map Room concludes, President Obama returns the favor by shooting a barb his interviewer’s way.

You can see the clip here on YouTube.

WFAA’s was one of four interviews the president did with stations April 18. President Obama’s station-level interviews have more typically been with local TV outlets in the battleground states, as opposed to a pure red state such as Texas.