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WCSH Crew Survives Crash

A pair of WCSH Portland (Maine) staffers are OK after a frightening accident yesterday that saw a car cross the median and drive south in the northbound lane. The car slammed into the WCSH microwave truck, which had photographer Aaron Twombly and reporter Susan Kimball on board. The station’s truck skidded on its side for some 300 yards; Twombly and Kimball were treated at the hospital and soon released. The driver of the car, Heather Bouchard, was killed. 

"It just sort of happened. All of a sudden the car appeared sideways, coming at us and it was like… ‘this is gonna be bad.’ And it was bad. It was horrible. It was horrible," said Twombly on

An NBC affiliate, the Gannett station has long been the news leader in Portland.