WBRZ Baton Rouge Reporter Arrested While Investigating White Castle Mayor

Chris Nakamoto, chief investigator of WBRZ Baton Rouge’s investigative unit, was arrested while investigating the mayor’s salary in White Castle, La.

Nakamoto, the 5 p.m. news anchor who joined the ABC affiliate owned by the Manship family in 2007, was handcuffed, escorted to the police department and given a misdemeanor summons for allegedly breaking statute 14:63, remaining after being forbidden. A WBRZ videographer captured the incident. Watch it here.

WBRZ said it had submitted a public records request in regard to the mayor’s salary, which is public information, and Nakamoto was at city hall checking on the request.

"WBRZ stands by chief investigator Chris Nakamoto," said Lee Polowczuk, director of news, said in a statement. “That’s first and foremost. The public expects this news organization to ask tough questions and hold the powerful accountable. Our reporters are not going to be intimidated by public officials when we are getting  you answers. Station management is looking into all legal remedies regarding this incident."