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WBBM's Anchor Quiz

WBBM Chicago has an interesting way of helping viewers connect with talent, reports Lost Remote

LR writes:
Often promotions wants you to post the anchor pics, and that’s it. Or you might be asked to upload all of the new image promos. But neither of those ideas will create an experience users will actually interact with, and be viral. Well,WBBMdecided to bring the viewer right into the effort by using a quiz to determine which anchor the viewer is most similar to. “We are giving users a fun way to connect with our news team on a personal level,” Digital Media Executive Producer John Dodge said. 

The quiz questions, such as "My idea of a fun night is…Going out for a nice dinner with someone special," are a bit corny, but it’s an interesting idea. For the record, my tastes and interests align most closely with Anne State.

WMBF Myrtle Beach, which launches Friday and which I visited earlier this summer, has also been using the Web to better introduce talent and encourage interactivity with users. This clip shows morning anchor Jason Barr having lunch at Hard Rock Cafe in Myrtle. The ribs look really good. So do the french fries.