WAGA's Service Pup, Max, Wowing Atlanta

WAGA, the Fox O&O in Atlanta, has a new heartbreaker in the newsroom, who very well may be the best looking guy in local TV.

With big brown eyes and soft golden hair, Max, a golden retriever puppy, arrived Jan. 17 at the station, where he will stay under the careful watch and training of staffers, who are preparing him for a career in service. By his second birthday, Max will be matched with a veteran in need through the group Canine Assistants.

While prepping for the job, Max will spend his days at WAGA, go out on the town a bit to get socialized and spend his nights warm at home with staffers who have been trained as foster parents.

There are other perks of being adopted by a TV crew. Before the NFC championship game kickoff, Max was on the Georgia Dome’s 50 yard-line picking the winner (he correctly chose the hometown Falcons). He’s also gotten a bit of TV time and has his own Twitter account.