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TV Stations In On Campaign to Stop Buzzed Driving

TV stations around the country, particularly in the 10 states with the most drunk driving fatalities, between Christmas and New Year's Day will be airing PSAs urging drinkers to not get behind the wheel even if they think they are just a bit buzzed.

The PSAs, available in English and Spanish, are part of the 13th annual Project Roadblock initiative from the federal transportation department, Ad Council and Television Bureau of Advertising.

Hoping to maximize the effort, the ad council is conducting a special push to get the PSAs on stations in the 10 states that accounted for 53% of all alcohol-related driving fatalities in 2015: Texas, California, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Illinois and South Carolina.

This year’s PSA, titled “Back Roads,” is designed to help people recognize the warning signs of having too much to drink. The spot runs under the campaign tagline, “Probably Okay Isn’t Okay.”

In 2015, Project Roadblock had record-setting success with $8.1 million in donated media and support from more than 1,000 TV stations, according to organizers. Since Project Roadblock kicked off in 2004, broadcast TV stations across the nation have donated nearly $50 million in media to support this effort, they said.