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Tampa Stations Told to Pull State Senate Ad

As Election Day draws nearer, local TV stations—this time in Tampa, Fla.—continue being sucked into politics because of disputed campaign ads.

The Tampa Bay Times writes that the campaign of Bob Buesing, a Democratic candidate for state senate, has asked affiliates WFLA, WFTS, WTSP and WTVT to drop a Republican Party attack ad, saying its claims against Buesing are untrue.

The letter says the stations should quit running the ad "For the sake of both FCC licensing requirements and the public interest,” according to the Times.

The ad attacks Buesing for a range of offenses including foreclosing on retirement homes, "threatening senior citizens with homelessness," and defending Wells Fargo in a Ponzi scheme case.

Buesing is one of three candidates running against Republican incumbent Dana Young.