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'Simpsons' Finds New Home in Springfield

The Fox affiliation switch in Springfield, Missouri has gone down today,with KRBK taking over the affiliation from KSFX, which has switched to the independent KOZL.

An article in the Springfield News-Leader reveals that not everyone in the region is happy with the shakeup.

Reports the News-Leader:

Despite a major technology upgrade that will eventually put five new transmitter towers around the Ozarks, some viewers who get their TV signal via aerial antenna won’t yet be able to receive the new Fox channel.

“Eighty-two percent of viewers in our area will be able to receive us immediately” through cable or satellite services, said FOX-KRBK General Manager Paul Windisch.

KRBK plans to have its signal reach all antenna customers by the first week of October, which doesn’t appear to be good enough for some viewers.

Comments Cfr200:

I will not be able to revive the station until October nor will anyone in the 65803 zip code who receive the signal over the air. according to their website. What a crock, way to take care of your customers Fox.

cb1958 wonders if their community will be covered by the KRBK news department:

The article states: “KRBK will serve the 33-county Springfield Designated Market Area, which includes more than 1 million people in southwest Missouri and northern Arkansas.” Yet the KRBK website does not list any cities south of Ozark and Nixa among those that will be able to receive their signal. All areas south of there, including Branson, Hollister, West Plains, and Harrison, AR, etc. apparently will be left out.