San Diego Anchor Sends Alexa Devices on Spending Spree


Alexa devices around San Diego went on a great big dollhouse buying spree Thursday after morning show anchors at the market’s CW affiliate inadvertently asked them to do so.

XETV’s Jim Patton and Lynda Martin were discussing a story about problems people were having with Amazon’s voice-activated system ordering stuff they don’t want. Patton apparently had a soft spot for a child in the story who accidentally bought a dollhouse and four pounds of cookies through the device.

“I love the little girl, saying ‘Alexa ordered me a dollhouse,’” said Patton.

Apparently, that was enough to set off viewers’ Alexa devices, which, mistakenly thinking they heard a command, went on a dollhouse-buying binge.

Fortunately, accidental orders can be returned for free.

You can see how Alexa went to work here.