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Report: 'Leno' Leaving

Rumors of Jay Leno’s departure are of course a dime a dozen, but reports that NBC has made the decision to pull the plug on Leno at 10 p.m.

The TV industry site reports:

After a number of meetings at the highest level, NBC Suits have come to the conclusion that the experiment has failed and that they just need to move onto the next step.

According to FTVLive sources, even the NBC Bean Counters were asked to do a breakdown on how much the network saved or lost with the Leno show? One source tells FTVLive after factoring in the loss revenue at the O&O stations, Leno was not making money for the Peacock.

UPDATE: The affiliates board will trek to New York January 21 to help NBC decided how to reshuffle the 10 p, 11:35 p, 12:05 p, etc., lineup. 

Us, we’ll be disguised as a waiter, delivering vodka and tonics to the board members during the meeting to get the scoop.