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Reaching Live Sports Viewers with Advanced Advertising

When it comes to attracting engaged and highly attentive viewers, there is nothing better than live sports. Ads that can be viewed during the biggest games gain premium exposure to a highly valuable, deeply engaged audience. This is especially true for highly-sought-after annual playoff games.

These days there is more competition to capture sports fans who can choose from a range of devices and platforms. Fans can now flit from screen to screen, diverting their attention and impacting overall engagement and attention. For brands and agencies looking to stand out among the crowd, the answer is simple – advanced advertising.

There are two key questions to consider when considering an advanced advertising solution:

  1. Can your campaign target your brand’s audience across multiple devices at just the right moments?
  2. Can you quickly and efficiently execute against your target audience in real-time?

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The Addressable Advantage in Athletics

You may ask, “How can I ensure that my ads are being seen by the right viewers at the right times? After all, live sports garner thousands of hours of attention from audiences throughout every year.” The reply is that addressable advertising gives brands an opportunity to be strategic, relevant and dynamic with their ad budgets, connecting to custom audiences through selected demos, devices, platforms, locations and even behavioral attributions. 

It all starts with the technology. With addressable advertising, the ad is sent to a DISH set-top box or dynamically inserted into a live stream via Sling TV, and delivered only when the TV or device is on and turned to the channel. This eliminates wasted impressions and offers greater efficacy and precision than linear buying, so you can be confident that you are fishing only where the fish are.

With addressable, not only can you advertise in-game during the most-watched sporting events, you can also reach your avid sports viewer regardless of when, where or how they are watching across devices. Plus, brands and agencies can receive robust campaign analytics and visibility into true attribution and ROI.

The Programmatic Push in the Playoffs

Programmaticadvertising is another area of great value to advertisers. It offers bidding on live inventory in real-time, through private, automated contextual auctions on Sling TV. Advertisers can buy live impressions in the NBA games, college football, Monday Night Football – you name it – within seconds. Programmatic buying helps eliminate below-the-fold or wasted impressions, as well as fraud and safety concerns. Ads are dynamically served full-screen across multiple devices in an efficient, simple and brand-safe manner. 

The AdPro (Addressable-Programmatic) Potential

Programmatic buying offers advertisers real-time access to live sports, including NBA finals or college Bowl games, as well as premium programming such as red-carpet events or hit TV shows.

An agency can target live sports viewers through AdPro auctions regardless of network, daypart or device. Combining the power of real-time automation with advanced addressable technology, it’s easier than ever to reach the right audience with the right ad at the right time through controlled, brand-safe private marketplaces.

 Navigating Live Sports On CTV: A Programmatic Playbook

Programmatic addressable is a way to hit the highly engaged viewers that everyone is looking to reach at scale and in real time. It’s a winning strategy.

Be Smarter with Sports

While there are a myriad of challenges for brands, agencies and data vendors looking to tap into the passion for live sports, there are solutions – new, proven ways to better reach the +17 million devoted fans who watch the NBA tournament and other immensely popular sporting events. Reach the highly-engaged sports enthusiast with advanced advertising.