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The Race is On in Wichita

Our latest Market Eye profile (virtually) brought us to Wichita. (Quick, name the song….“I’m goin’ to Wichita…far from this opera for ever more…”) What’s going on in DMA No. 69? Well, crazy weather (including a reported 8-inch wide hailstone), lots of schoolboy football, and a few newish general managers, including KSNW’s John Dawson and KAKE’s Dan Wall.

Dawson took over for Al Buch, who retired at the end of 2009. Dawson says Buch was “kind of a legend in this market,” and says he was brought on to push sales. “That’s my background,” he says.

Dan Wall is emphasizing sales too–local ones in particular at KAKE. “You have no control over national–it is what it is,” he says. “We’re really focusing on the local side.”

Anyone for KAKE?

What else is going on in Wichita? Well, Rentrak has a particularly big footprint in Wichita, and all are gunning for leader KWCH.

See how the ratings upstart is shaking things up in centralKansas.