The Presidential Broadband Wagon

Former Vice President Al Gore, who famously said he had "taken the initiative in creating the Internet," could be contemplating a run for president, BuzzFeed suggested in a story Thursday, an opportunity perhaps created by....the Internet.

While a "high-level" Democratic source was downplaying the BuzzFeed story, said NBC News, NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker said that new revelations about Hillary Clinton's email server appeared to be shaking up the Democratic race.

That would include not only the talk about Gore, whose name has surfaced periodically since he lost the 2000 election by a handful of disputed votes, but Vice President Joe Biden, who is also reportedly talking to family and friends about whether he should throw his hat in the ring.

That would be yet another Internet connection in the race given Biden's championing of broadband deployment as a way for small businesses in small-town America to be competitive in a global marketplace.

And while Clinton may not have invented the Internet, she elevated the ability to connect to the Internet to a fifth freedom along the lines of the Four Freedoms framed by President Roosevelt in a famous speech, then framed by Rockwell in iconic paintings.