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'Oprah' Stations Split Between 'Oz' and News

One of the key Oprah Winfrey stations, WSB Atlanta, is going with a 4 p.m.  news once Oprah heads to cable, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Cox station is adding 20 people to staff the newscast.

“We’re excited about our news expansion,” WSB President/General Manager Bill Hoffman tells the paper. “We’ve got such a strong news brand, the best thing we can do is expand.”

Meredith’s WGCL has the only 4 p.m. news in the market. We did a cover story last month, “Oprah-calypse Now,” (I’m sorry, I still really like that title), in which WGCL GM Kirk Black said viewers in that time slot are up for grabs. “I don’t know that WSB will do Oprah numbers at 4 [after she leaves],” he said. “Once she goes away, it’s a jump ball. I think that spells opportunity for us.”

Among the many other Oprah stations, Hearst’s WGAL Lancaster is going with Dr. Oz at 4 p.m., as is WSB sibling WSOC Charlotte.