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OK City Stations Cover Tornadoes' 'Gut-Wrenching Heartache'

UPDATED: The fatality number is climbing outside Oklahoma City in the wake of devastating tornadoes, and the property loss is, for the moment, incalculable. “It’s gone from gut-wrenching heartache several hours ago to sort of a numbness right now,” said a KFOR reporter on the scene in suburban Moore.

The New York Times links to the live stream for Local TV’s, which has captioned its reportage, which it says is an “FCC-mandated requirement.”

Times reporter Brian Stelter writes about the stations’ helicopters providing painstakingly vivid images, and commentary, of the damage. He writes:

The live pictures and information, almost universally praised by viewers from afar who saw it online and on cable news channels, reminded some of the enduring value of local broadcasters at a time when apps and social networks tend to get more attention.  

At least 91 24 are dead, including 20  nine children.

An elementary school was leveled.

It’s going to be a long night, and a long series of days, for the Oklahoma City stations, which include KFOR, Hearst TV’s KOCO, Griffin’s KWTV and Sinclair’s KOKH.