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News Vet Kreisman Gets Even More Local

Polly Kreisman, a veteran of 20/20, NBC News and several New York stations, is training her newshound instincts on a much smaller area these days; her blog focuses on her home hamlet of Larchmont, New York, along with neighboring towns Mamaroneck and New Rochelle. (That’s in Westchester County, just above New York City.)

With the tagline "Hyperlocal Citizen Journalism With An Attitude," GetinLoop offers neighborhood news, restaurant tips, community events and locally-themed polls. Kreisman refers to it as "an online newspaper." 

Kreisman, who’s still reporting and producing for TV on a freelance basis, was the topic of a recent Journal News "InTown" magazine story about women with interesting Web endeavors

…it’s no surprise that the veteran investigative reporter has gotten herself into a few brouhahas since the site’s launch last Halloween. Already, there have been scuffles over lice checks, bomb threats, and "twank" parties (tween + skank = twank, for those who slept through Gossip Girl math). This past spring, Kreisman even got heat from Larchmont Mayor Liz Feld, when she ran an anonymous rant on The Loop, blaming Feld for a Larchmont train-station tunnel that was plagued with stagnant water, mold, and peeling paint.