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New York Stations: Where is the Love?

Today’s NY Times reports on the Democratic candidates flooding local TV  with ads in advance of the Super Tuesday primaries Feb. 5, but New York station managers say they’re not seeing the cash yet. The Times said Clinton and Obama–OK, the Times actually said Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama–are coughing up around $2 million a week in the states represented in the Super Tuesday scrum. That includes California, Connecticut, George and Utah, but still no Gotham. 

"We’re very surprised," says WNBC New York general manager Frank Comerford. "I think Super Tuesday will decide who gets the nominations, but we haven’t seen it yet." 

What managers here are particularly vexed about is the lack of Democratic activity in Gotham, as New York awards delegates to the runner-up (for the Republicans, it’s winner take all delegates). They’re hoping the windfall drops next week–after the Dems do battle in South Carolina (1/26) and the GOP hopefuls square off in Florida (1/29).