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New Boss at WPTV

It’s been an eventful week in West Palm Beach. First off, we profile the goings-on–the rich, the poor, the hurricanes–in the #38 TV market. Then, general manager Viki Regan up and leaves WPBF on Monday, and today, reports that Steve Wasserman is sliding into the general manager’s office at Scripps’ market leading WPTV

Wasserman comes from WDIV Detroit. He succeeds Brian Lawlor, who’s on to a VP of Sales gig at Scripps corporate. 

WPTV is a force in West Palm, commanding over 32% of the 2006 local TV revenue, reports BIA Financial. In the West Palm profile in B&C, Lawlor spoke about "continuing to evolve and trying to stay current with the audience," such as with WPTV’s HurricanePlus microsite.