NBC’s ‘Odyssey’ Is Examination of Power #TCA15

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Pasadena, Calif. — NBC’s Odyssey goes beyond crime and politics.

“This show isn’t a cop show,” said executive producer Peter Horton Friday during the TCA winter press tour. “It isn’t an FBI show. It’s not a spy show. It’s a show about power.” 

Horton was joined onstage by fellow executive producers Kay Foster and Adam Armus as well as stars Peter Facinelli, Anna Friel and Jake Robinson.

“You have these Davids that are going up against these Goliaths,” said Facinelli of what attracted him to the project.

Horton described Odyssey as a story about three ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

“What really makes us all so dedicated to this project is it is an issue that affects everybody directly,” said Horton. “Everybody in this state. Everybody in this country. Everybody in this world.”

Odyssey premieres Sunday, April 5 out of Mark Burnett mini A.D.

Other highlights from the panel included:

—The series films in New York and Marrakech, Morocco, and directors have to shuttle back and forth between locations. “It takes a lot of commitment for a lot of people,” said Armus, explaining that the series is shot in blocks.

Facinelli, who films in New York with Robinson, said that they work from three scripts at once.

“It’s really like doing two different shows because they have this New York feel with Jake and I; they go to Morocco and it’s like entering a war zone,” he said.

—Horton fielded a question about whether the show has an agenda. “The answer is no and the reason is because it would be disingenuous. It’s much more exciting for us to ask a question than to answer.” 

—Friel said that 16 languages are spoken on set in Morocco. 

—The series will be have a lot of second screen features, said Horton, citing that in the show Friel’s character talks about Skyping with her daughter and those Skype sessions will be available on second screen.