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More Highlights From the 'B&C' Hall of Fame

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The 26th annual Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame gala is in the books and the honorees took the stage Tuesday night to give some memorable speeches. Check out the highlights from the second part of the night below.

Inside the NBA

— Tim Kiely, executive producer of Inside the NBA, thanks his bosses at Turner for "allowing us to be crazy and do our thing."

— Show host Kenny Smith said the key to the Inside the NBA's greatness was the confidence of all the people at Turner. "That's what separates the good players from the great players," he said.

— Analyst Charles Barkley thanked the Turner family as well, but also recognized former NBC Sports Chairman Dick Ebersol for first suggesting he'd do well in TV. "I work for the best network on TV. I have the best job in the word," Barkley said.  

— Barkley also thanked his own family, including a daughter attending Columbia. "Barkley brains are taking over the world," he said.

— Two of the Inside the NBA stars weren't at the Waldorf, Barkley noted. Ernie Johnson was broadcasting playoff baseball. And Shaquille O'Neal was shooting a commercial for Oreos. "Just what his fat ass needs. More Oreos," Barkley said.

Michael Powell, president, NCTA: The Internet & Television Association

— I have much to be grateful for. Leadership is really about service. It is not noble if it is not coupled with humility.

— In this political season, we have seen the media pilloried. It is important that they continue to hold political leaders accountable for their actions.

Mark Pedowitz, president, The CW Network

— “To my dad, who taught me to always treat everyone, up and down the line, with dignity. You never know who you'll work for some day and that person will remember you treating them with dignity.”

— “I’ve had the privilege over the years to work with an amazing group of people. No one's success happens in a vacuum.”

Deborah Norville, anchor, Inside Edition, CBS Television Distribution

—Norville recalled her upbringing in Dalton, Ga., a town so small the nearest radio station was "the next mountain over."

— “When I first aspired to have a job as a television reporter, let me assure you there was no one in my hometown who said, 'Well, of course you can," she said.

— Her 11-minute speech also served as an elaborate thank you to execs and friends who helped her along the way as well as a call to arms for execs and others in the media business. "At a time when journalism is under attack and political rallies have posters of swastikas with news outlets on them, it is incumbent upon all of us to protect great journalism wherever it can be found."

Peter Liguori, president and CEO, Tribune Media

— “I genuinely everyday am grateful for whatever small part it is I play in fostering the civil, responsible and ethical process of storytelling.”

— After noting his own childhood in the Bronx, where he lived in the same apartment building with four generations of his Italian American family, Liguori thanked creatives he has worked with including Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy. "I want to thank the Irish. Damn it. It's about time we thank the Irish,” he said.

Monica Gabsby, CEO for Latin America, Publicis One

— “We all tend to be very fond of cliches and we often over-promise when we say that an idea or body of work is paradigm-shifting. And yet, as I reflect on my journey for the last 29 years, it is humbling to see how transformative a journey it truly has been.”

Quotes compiled by Diana Marszalek, Jon Lafayette, Dade Hayes, Luke McCord, Michael Malone and Brian Moran.