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'B&C' Hall of Fame Honorees Talk Teamwork, Trump

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The 26th annual Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame gala is underway and the honorees took the stage Tuesday night to accept their awards. Take a look at the highlights from the first part of the night below and be sure to check back for updates.

Jeff Wachtel, chief content officer, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment; president, Universal Cable Productions & Wilshire Studios

— “I admit it. I'm a mama's boy. And it's not only because my mother is beautiful, intelligent, loving, passionate and clairvoyant. It's also because she taught me the women in my life are always right."

— “Our good name is created by our own good works and the recognition of others.”

Keith Turner, president of advertising sales, Univision Communications

— “You don't stand up here on a night like this by yourself.”

— “A man is judged by the company he keeps. I will be hungover tomorrow but I'm humbled by this tonight."

Jay Sures, managing director, UTA

Sures also oversees the Hollywood agency's N.S. Bienstock unit. One of his clients in that area became a running joke in his speech.

— “I am fortunate to represent some of the most talented and charismatic news broadcasters in the world. I also represent Don Lemon."

— “Watching Norah O'donnell and Charlie Rose and Gayle King on CBS This Morning has made me exponentially smarter. I just wish Donald Trump would watch (it) as well.” 

— “My mother is 84 and still doesn't know what I do for a living. Though she does love Don Lemon. It's sad to see her mind go like that.“

Stuart Sucherman, chairman, Sucherman Group

— "When I was told about this Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame award... the first thing that crossed my mind was a line from the movie Chinatown. Those of you who know me understand that's how my mind works. When Jake, played by Jack Nicholson, tells Noah, played by John Huston, that he's respectable, Huston replies, 'Of course I'm respectable. I'm old. Politicians, ugly buildings and whores all get to be respectable if they last long enough.' So, I guess I lasted long enough and imagine I've become respectable."

Kevin Reilly, president, TBS & TNT and chief creative officer, Turner Entertainment Networks

— “Yes, the winds of change are blowing. But this is not the Snapchat Hall of Fame. This is the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame.”

— “Shouldn't there be a special trophy for me, like the 9 lives award?”

—“Thank you to my boss Levy. Just one word, Levy. He's the Beyoncé of Turner.”

Robert K. Kraft, founder, chairman and CEO The Kraft Group/New England Patriots

— “I was asked to join the NFL Broadcasting Committee in part because of my past ownership of a local station, and since then I have learned that growing a network is a complicated, detailed operation.”

— “I look forward to taking the country’s most popular content forward over devices and mediums I couldn’t have imagined 20 years ago.”

Quotes compiled by Diana Marszalek, Jon Lafayette, Dade Hayes, Luke McCord, Michael Malone and Brian Moran.