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Moon Still Shines Over Tulsa

Former KOTV-KQCW GM Regina Moon was a fixture in Tulsa, running Griffin’s leading TV station.

She’s still a fixture in the market since she was let go in the spring of 2009; Moon just marked a year as CEO of the Tulsa-area Chapter of the Red Cross.

Prior to taking over KOTV in 2001, Moon was station manager at Allbritton’s KTUL.

She was dismissed from KOTV-KQCW in a corporate restructuring in March 2009, and started as the Tulsa chapter of the Red Cross a year ago yesterday.

“I’ve always been impressed, especially after disasters, by how much the Red Cross helps people,” Moon said at the time of her hiring.”So it is my honor to now be a part of such an important organization and to carry on the proud traditions of the Red Cross. I can’t wait to get started because I know how much the community needs the Red Cross.”

(If you should ever find yourself Googling Regina Moon, be careful–there’s another Regina Moon out there in a far less savory line of work than the Red Cross…definitely not safe for work.)

On a personal note, Moon was one of the really good GMs out there–pleasant, knowledgeable, always with an interesting perspective on the station biz.

Moon’s old GM colleagues say they’re happy to see their former competitor holding a prominent leadership position in DMA No. 61–not to mention being in a position to put some advertising on local TV.

I’ve got a Tulsa market profile out Monday.