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Monica Pearson Signs Off At WSB

Monica Pearson, anchor at WSBAtlanta for 37 years, signed off from the Cox Media Group station last night for the final time.

“While I must admit that I wasn’t looking forward to Monica’s retirement, I am blessed to have experienced the many farewell events honoring her spectacular career,” said Tim McVay, vice president and general manager at WSB. “Seeing first-hand the impact Monica has had on the people in our community has been inspirational. She lights up the camera and warms up the room.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” he continued. “And her energy is boundless when it comes to her family, her job and her support of the community. Monica makes over 150 speaking engagements each year, lending her name and time to those in need. She gives voice to the issues and interests of this city which she loves as much as it loves her back. She’s a very special and unique person that we love and will miss very much.”

Then-GM Bill Hoffman spoke of WSB’s succession plans, which also involved Justin Farmer taking over for John Pruitt, when I profiled the Atlanta market last year.

Pearson addresses her viewers in a lengthy video tribute here.