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Media Scrum Getting Testy at Camp Heene

A KDVR Denver photographer got chased by a furious neighbor of the balloon-launching Heene clan in Fort Collins, before the irate Area Man began pummeling another man who came to the photographer’s defense. And it’s all caught on YouTube, thanks to the AP!

TVSpy identifies the camera man as Byron Stewart, who got the fired up area man even more fired up by filming the man as he attempted to drive through the phalanx of reporters outside the Balloon Boy’s home. The driver had just finished lambasting the media for blocking the rode and endangering his well-being, singling out KDVR reporter Jon Bowman as he did so.

As the unidentified irate guy menaces Stewart, some other hale fellow jumps on the irate guy’s back. Irate Guy ends up extricating himself from the reverse half-nelson, which is no small accomplishment. While Richard Heene’s reality TV ambitions aren’t quite working out, maybe his neighbor can take a shot at an MMA career.