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Media General Makes Tough Cuts in Tampa

Some 85 full-time positions have been cut at Media General’s newspaper-Web-TV operation in Tampa. The Florida Communications Group, according to St. Petersburg Times site (third item down).

NBC affiliate WFLA is the TV property in the group. The Tampa group cut 65 positions in March, and a significant number in the fall as well. Around 25 newsroom positions are among the casualties this time around.

Eric Deggans reports:

John Schueler, president of Media General’s Florida Communications Group, would not specify names until he was sure every affected employee had been notified. But he said the reductions included more than 20 newsroom positions; the FCG Web site reported 25 full-time newsroom positions eliminated.

This news comes two monthsafter the company eliminated 65 jobs in Tampa, leaving some industry observers to wonder how FCG can keep all its platforms going. Schueler said that attempts to boost their advertising share were working, but not well enough to stave off the cutbacks.

“We’re working hard to keep as many feet on the street as we can,” he said, expressing hope this might be the last job reduction implemented at the company. “We’re doing it like everyone else is — (asking) staff to pick up duties when we let others go.”