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Man Arrested For Menacing TV Reporter With Gun

Texas man Kevin Courtney was arrested a week after threatening KLTV Tyler (TX) reporter Courtney Lane with a gun as she prepared to report a story on a dogfighting ring Kevin ’s brothers were allegedly involved in.

Longview’s News-Journal says Courtney was charged with two counts of deadly conduct and two more for making a terroristic threat. He threatened to shoot up the reporter’s car.

According to a Panola County sheriff’s officer report, KLTV reporter Courtney Lane was on public property outside a Beckville home preparing to complete a news report about dogfighting when Kevin Courtney waved a pistol at Lane telling her, “This is private property and unless you want bullet holes in your car, you better get off now.” The property, in the 1100 block of CR 241 in Beckville, belonged to Courtney’s brother Karl S. Courtney.

Earlier that day, federal authorities arrested Courtney’s brothers - Chad A. Courtney, 30, and Chase M. Courtney, 26, both of Carthage; and Karl S. Courtney, 34, of Beckville - on charges of participating in a dogfighting operation in Beckville.

Kevin Courtney was not charged in connection with the dogfighting, reports the newspaper.