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Local Anchors Inevitably Accept Ice Bucket Challenge

Anchors are jumping on the latest hot trend, taking part in something that makes them look kind of goofy, and raising a bit of money for a worthwhile charity—it was inevitable that local TV personalities would be all over the Ice Bucket Challenge. (I can only imagine aliens up in space, looking down on us dumping buckets of ice on our heads, and thinking, how strange those earthlings are.)

It's entirely possible that no one really wants to see another Ice Bucket Challenge video after all they've witnessed on social media these past few weeks, but here are some clips of TV reporters joining the frozen fraternity.

Bree Sison of WBZ Boston.

Amy Andrews of WJBK Detroit.

Ron Steele from KWWL in eastern Iowa.

Michael Brannon of WALA Mobile.

And the good folks at WBNS Columbus.

Not to knock anyone doing good for charity, but the degree of difficulty in dumping cold water on your head in August is fairly marginal. Jumping into freezing water in the dead of winter, on the other hand, shows considerable fortitude. So here's to Jordan Wertlieb and Dan Joerres, back in 2011, changing the guard atop WBAL and raising awareness for the Special Olympics.