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L.A. Stations Cover Blaze

Stations are banding together to cover the wildfires in Southern California, Variety reports, and losing lots of revenue with wall-to-wall news coverage. Insiders estimate stations are forfeiting $400,000 apiece with their commercial-free coverage, but station managers say there’s no option. 

The stations are also tapping their digital channels for a broader scope of programming, Michael Schneider writes. KNBC kept up coverage on its "News Raw" digital channel when Sunday Night Football kicked off, while KABC booted its soap operas over to its digital channel yesterday.

The stations are pooling resources as they cover the tragedy. "In a situation like this, it’s nonsense to fall back on a competitive attitude," KNBC news director Bob Long told Variety

Finally, on a lighter note, Long has dubbed anchor Beverly White "Iron Butt"