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KUSA's Rocketron App to Launch

KUSA Denver releases a mobile application with Rocketron tomorrow that will allow users to dial up a phone number and get free news from the Gannett station. Users navigate through a list of categories, such as business or sports news, by voice command. 

The launch is a partnership between the station and Rocketron parent Asyncast, which debuted the service last month. 

“A simple phone call will deliver the latest personalized news and information at times and in places where they want it," says KUSA president/general manager Mark Cornetta.  

Asyncast CEO Andy Watson calls the service "hands-free access to the news they want, in a fun, easy format that puts them in charge of the content and the flow."

Gannett does a pretty fair job of dispersing content across a range of platforms, as evidenced by the company’s "Information Centers," combining various Gannett media outlets in a specific market, around the country.