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KTHV Launches 6 A.M. Saturday 'Cast

Stations’ local news expansion continues, as KTHV Little Rock will debut a two-hour 6 a.m. Saturday news April 3. KTHV is a Gannett-owned CBS affiliate.

Today’s THV This Morning Saturday will be anchored by Mark Edwards, Pam Baccam and Meredith Mitchell.

Today’s THV This Morning Saturday will be fresh, lively, and all about the weekend,” says President/General Manager Larry Audas.

Adds News Director Chuck Maulden: “Everything that is news, outdoors, informative and entertaining will be our focus. THV This Morning Saturday will be a guide to weekends in Arkansas.”

It was a year ago that KTHV launched a 6:30 p.m. news.

I’ve got a story out Monday about stations adding news again as local TV continues to climb out of the Dark Ages that was the last few years. There are definitely more stations adding news these days than those who are reducing local content.

Among other motivators, with that mammoth political season around the corner, it’s nice to have the local avails.