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KSTP's All-Nighter

KSTP Minneapolis G.M. Robert Hubbard says he’s incredibly proud of his troops for the work they’ve done covering the bridge disaster over the last 46 hours. Not only did KSTP get its chopper in the air well before the competition, but Hubbard says the station was the only one in the market to keep the coverage going through Wednesday night. (The other stations shifted to network entertainment around midnight.) Anchor teams switched at 2 a.m., each doing a 12-hour shift, he says.

"We made the decision that it’s important enough to the people here to stay on," Hubbard says. "There were still a lot of people missing, and we simply didn’t know the real numbers [of missing and deceased]."

Hubbard says his newsroom is holding up well. "They’re tired people," he says, "but they’re still charging harder than anyone else in town."