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KRIV Snaps to it

OK, I’m embarrasingly late coming to this nugget, but here’s some great vid of Houston Texas long snapper Bryan Pittman showing his ball-hiking chops on KRIV Houston. The long snapper is one of the great mysteries of the modern world: The guy is paid big bucks to throw a ball through his legs a few times a game as various 300-pound wrecking machines attempt to rip his head off. If he does his job well, you never even learn his name. If he fails, he’s a goat (Trey Junkin, anyone?). 

Reported by Matt Sampsell, this clip sees Pittman long-snap chips and dip at the grocery store, nail a perfect swish from a basketball half-court, and send a ball through the window of a moving car. 

I’m curious how many takes it took to nail these shots, but it still makes for entertaining viewing.