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KOKI Tower Sitter Holding Tough

It’s 93 in Tulsa today, and who knows how much hotter atop a TV tower.

Nonetheless, “William,” as the man who’s been standing on the KOKI tower for five days now, remained up in the air.

He did, however, climb halfway down the tower today, indicating that his curious show of criminal endurance may be winding down. (Here’s a pretty lame headline on “Man on tower climbs a few feet down.”)

A Tulsa PD negotiator says William suffers from paranoia, but does not seem suicidal.

William was initially seen inside the broadcast building Thursday morning. Employees chased him outside, and he scaled the tower.

After the weather he’s withstood, perhaps the heat is a non issue.


He has now been through three bouts of severe weather, including 60 mph winds, rain and lightning, as well as intense heat, all while on the tower.