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KNBC Gets Makeover Under Carlston

KNBC Los Angeles has a new logo and branding, reports LA Times, along with new gear and a fresh philosophy designed to bring the NBC owned station back to past glory.

Steve Carlston, who came on board in October, is trying to change the mindset at KNBC after the station took some lumps during GE’s reign. New parent Comcast is investing big in the stations.

Reports the LA Times:

On Monday, KNBC rebrands itself with a new logo and name - NBC4 Southern California. It will unveil a larger set with a separate weather station, large monitors behind the anchor desk and state-of-the-art graphics. A key component will be an 82-inch diagonal, multi-touch advanced Perceptive Pixel screen that will allow the telling of complex news stories in various media formats. The screen costs more than $150,000, plus special software custom-designed for the station.

“We really want KNBC to represent the high tradition that has been set in the past by the network, its anchors and the people who have worked here,” Carlston said.