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KMBC Kansas City Celebrates Royals Playoff Run With 'Royalty Throne'

Winter has come early to Kansas City.

To celebrate the Royals’ playoff run, ABC affiliate KMBC created a “Royalty Throne,” made from Louisville Slugger bats. The throne, a nod to the iron throne in HBO’s Game of Thrones, has made public appearances throughout the city, with fans and dignitaries taking pictures from the seat, as the Royals have reached a second consecutive World Series.

Last year, the Hearst Television-owned station had a “Take the Crown” crown during the playoffs but decided to go even bigger this year.

The Royals certainly don't need any dragons or magic, having already won Game 1 of the World Series in a marathon 14-inning game. However, after losing power during the game, causing coverage to temporarily go dark, Fox might want to reach out to the Lord of Light.