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KDFW Dallas has launched the "JFK Video: The Dallas Tapes," a collection of video clips from President Kennedy’s tragic trip to Dallas in November of ‘63. A graphic of an ancient television frames the video clips, which include John and Jackie stepping off U.S. 1 to a cheering crowd, Ruth Paine espousing conspiracy theories and, most harrowing, Lee Harvey Oswald being shot to death on live TV. 

I’d heard about Oswald’s shooting since I was a kid, but had never seen it. My browser had some irritating buffering issues with the clip, but it was nonetheless intriguing to watch–especially knowing what was going to happen during the several minutes in which the various reporters and security officers were standing around, watching for Oswald’s arrival.

The clips are an interesting, if bittersweet, trip down memory lane for viewers of a certain age, and a compelling lesson in world history for the younger folk.