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Introducing...Market in Motion

Our issue that lands today offers a new, and periodic, take on weekly feature “Market Eye.” It’s called “Market in Motion” and it looks at a market that’s undergone a major shakeup of late, either brought on by a major news event (the first Market in Motion checks in with Joplin-Pittsburg around a month after the region was hit by a devastating tornado), or perhaps something television-related, such as a market where a big affiliation shift has gone down.

We’ll do a special Market in Motion version of Market Eye around once a month to offer readers a more timely and newsy story than if we stuck to our usual lineup of markets to cover.

KOAM Joplin anchor Dowe Quick interviews former KOAM reporter Brian Williams after the tornado. 

Market in Motion also pushes us to profile some of the smaller markets that we don’t normally get to; Joplin-Pittsburg, for one, is DMA No. 148, and Saga’s KOAM is a major power.

Let us know if there are some timely and newsy markets out there to cover.