Hulu: Average Viewer is Watching 10 Shows

Hulu issued some revealing data this week that shines some light on how the OTT service has become a hub for binge-viewing, defined, in this case, as watching three to five episodes in succession.

Hulu said that 44% of its viewers binge at least once a week, and that the average viewer is watching ten different shows at one time, typically a mix of Hulu originals, comedies, dramas and reality shows.

Among other stats, Hulu said 29% of subs binge watch more often today than they did last year. Shows that are new to the viewer drives most binge-viewing on Hulu, followed by original series and “old favorites.” 

Hulu also drilled down on some binge-trends for specific shows and series.

Within the past year, more than 11,000 Hulu subs watched all 15 seasons (or 335 episodes) of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and nearly 130,000 watched all 180 episodes of The Golden Girls in an average of two months. And some 35,000 viewers binged out on the full ten season of Futurama in an average of 18 days, equating to about eight episodes per day.

Hulu also noted that nearly 30,000 viewers binged on all 192 episodes of Full House via the service in one month.

Those findings represent a snapshot of binge-viewing trends on Hulu, which has about 20 million subscribers, a total that includes SVOD-only subscribers and subs take Hulu's new Live TV service, which also includes the SVOD component.